T-shirt as a gift to each pair of shoes!
Интернет-магазин: 8 (812) 601-0710 (Work days from 10:00 till 18:00)


1) Manager didn’t communicate you or you didn’t receive auto notification?

Answer: Email us ( or call us (812) 601-07-10.

2) Where is my order? When will it arrive? Why isn’t it here for so long?

Answer: After your order confirmation and after sending your package, manager communicates with you again and sends to you your package number. Using it you could check your package location through EMS or Russian Post websites. Sometimes postman can’t deliver notification or notification loses – check out your package location and if it’s already in your local post office, take it.

3) How long will I wait for my package?

Answer: We deliver packages via Russian Post or via EMS Courier service. According to your location, shipping must be done in 3 or 10 days. For st-petersburgers and guests of the town – you may visit our shop “CREAM”. Adress: Sennaya Square, moll “ПИК” (“Peak”), 3rd floor, section 317. Phone number: (812) 449-24-61.

4) How to know Russian size?

Answer: All the sizes in our shop are set using UK standard. You may compare standards here.

5) How to return goods?

Answer: If the reason of returning is rejection, shortage, delivery error – right after receiving inform us about the reason of returning goods and send it back to us (with gifts) without paying for delivery.

6) Is there any goods in different sizes?

Answer: All that we have you could see on our website – there are no other sizes and models. Check for updates.

7) May I order certain colour or model?

Answer: We work with brand representatives in Russia. We order collections as pre-orders or from a store – we buy many sizes. That’s why we can’t order single goods for a clients.

8) If I’m in Saint-Petersburg should I pay for shipping?

Answer: We don’t deliver goods in Saint-Petersburg. Please, come to our shop. Address: Sennaya Square, moll “ПИК” (“Peak”), 3rd floor, section 317. Phone number: (812) 449-24-61.

9) Is shipping to the other countries possible?

Answer: We could send you package, but collect on delivery isn’t possible. You have to pre-pay all the shipping prices.